As Giant Strides specialises in the children’s footwear market, we have decided to support a small number of childrens charities. We will therefore give you the opportunity to donate a percentage of our revenue from each sale made, to one of our 3 nominated charities to enable them to continue their excellent work.
Our chosen charities for this year are NSPCC, Child Hope and Whizz Kidz, details of which can be found below. After making your purchase you can elect which of these worthwhile causes you would like us to support from your transaction.
Please note you will be directed to the charities page after you have completed your purchase, you must then press the button to return to "Giant Strides" after making your payment, to nominate your charity. 
They have 180 community-based projects and run the NSPCC Helpline and Childline in the UK and the Channel Islands.
Most of their work is with children, young people and their families. They also work to achieve cultural, social and political change – influencing legislation, policy, practice, public attitudes and behaviours and delivering services for the benefit of young people.
They want to see a society where all children are loved, valued and able to fulfil their potential.  To do this, they have four objectives:
  • To mobilise everyone to take action to end child cruelty
  • To give children the help, support and environment they need to stay safe from cruelty
  • To find ways of working with communities to keep children safe from cruelty
  • To be, and be seen as, someone to turn to for children and young people
 For more information please click here
Child Hope
They support projects in ten countries in Africa, Asia and South America that challenge the many forms of violence suffered by children and young people. Violence against children is damaging and always preventable.
The projects they support give priority to prevention, finding long lasting solutions and tackling the underlying causes of poverty and violence.
They aim to:
  • Reduce child abuse and exploitation
  • Improve child justice and participation
  • Promote the rights of children affected by HIV and AIDS
 For more information please click here
Whizz-Kidz is a charity that is all about giving disabled children the chance to lead a more independent life. Their service meets the individual mobility needs and ensures they get the right mobility equipment, advice and training at the right time.
They are virtually 100% reliant on voluntary funds raised through events, trusts, companies and individuals. They need your support to raise more money so that more young people can lead an active childhood.
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